• Admission Pass 

  • Due To Covid 19- Only a certain Number of Individuals will be allowed in the field at once

  • Good For 1 Hour

  • You will have time to walk through the field multiple times and will have plenty of time for photos

  • OPEN NOW-Early September



Ideal for individuals who want to:

  • Visit the field multiple times 

    • Come early in the day, late in the day​

    • Come when the sunflowers first start blooming, full bloom and then at the end

  • Photographers without clients

  • Only a limited number of passes available!

  • Even if we are sold out, we will reserve spots for individuals with season passes 

  • Good for when we first open to the public until we officially close


Professional Photographer (With Paid Clients) Season Pass


Ideal for photographers with paid clients:

  • We will have certain areas for professional photographers to work with clients

    • We have reserved several spots for photographers and clients to work together

    • NO Professional Photography Equipment allowed in the Walking Path Through The Sunflowers!

  • You must check in upon arrival and we will show you the reserved spots

  • You will have access to our tractors for photos

    • We will disinfect the tractors if you and your clients take photos on the tractor​

  • Good for when we first open to the public until we officially close

    • This should be about 2.5-3 Weeks​

Join Our Virtual Event



  • Private Facebook Group

    • We show you how we planted the sunflower field

    • We Explain more about how we designed the walking path and chose the quotes for the field

    • Videos of musical performances in the field

    • Much more!